ThetaHealing® is a healing modality created by Vianna Stibal

Theta InnerPlace® is the place
created by Maria Telidou, Greece,

ThetaHealer®  and ThetaHealing Teacher®
to promote and teach ThetaHealing®
in Greece and worldwide


testimonial-imageThetaHealing® is a method of self-awareness, self-realization and spiritual growth, a method that can help heal the body and mind. It can be used by anyone, of all ages, even children and teenagers. No background is required. All cultures and all religions are wellcomed. There is no requirement for special knowledge, or experience in meditation techniques to start learning about Theta Healing.

ThetaHealing techniques can be learned easily by anyone and can be applied to ourselves, our friends and family.  It can also be applied for our personal growth and professional environment and also can be used on plants, animals, and healing our planet.

People from all social backgrounds, students, parents, professionals, have found the techniques a priceless part of their everyday lives. Through a variety of techniques, you can reprogram your subconscious mind in such a way that you can remove the limiting beliefs and the negative emotions that prevent you from experiencing happiness, love, well-being, abundance and health.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: Through private sessions you can eliminate the issues that are disturbing you.

SEMINARS: Through seminars you can learn theThetaHealing® techniques and by doing so, you will have a tool to use for therapy and self-awareness for the rest of your life. In the seminars you will get a certification by THInK® Institute.

-You can learn ThetaHealing for self-development or to heal yourself.
-You may want to learn ThetaHealing to become a ThetaHealer® practitioner or ThetaHealing Teacher®.
If you already are a healer you might want to add another very effective healing modality into your existing techniques.

BOOKS: You may learn ThetaHealing® techniques by reading Viannas’s books for self- help or help your family and friends. It is a nice start. Later you may continue with the seminars as well, if you wish.

Explore the information on our website to find out how ThetaHealing can help you!

DISCLAIMER: Any healing method or technique described in this website is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic diagnosis or treatment, or any other treatment prescribed by a medically trained doctor. Alternative therapies and meditation are excellent supplemental tools that help us achieve emotional, mental and physical balance and well-being. Alternative therapies, (also called complimentary therapies), can be practiced alongside any conventional medical treatment received, since they help by providing us with a holistic approach to emotional and psychosomatic harmony and well-being. The words ”healer” as well as ”therapy / healing” are used with that in mind and are used with the broad sense and meaning of the word, and they are not used in the same context as they are used in conventional medical, psychology or medicine sciences.



ThetaHealing® Seminars in Greece all year around
by the Athenian beaches,
Acropolis and others places in Greece
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Seminars to become a ThetaHealing® Teacher
delivered by Viannα Stibal
in Athens, Greece

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“NonViolent Communication” Seminars